Veterans and Active Duty Military

  Veterans and Active Duty Military  

The WELS synod and Valley View Lutheran extend a warm welcome to both active duty service members and veterans.  We have many current military members and understand and the appreciate the service they give to our country.  We also understand that they and their families are often faced with challenges other members of our community don't face.  If this is a time for you or your family to look for spiritual direction and a better understanding of God and the Bible, we would love to have you at our service.   If coming to service is not convenient or comfortable, please call Pastor Gary Bode at 443-6663 and make arrangements for a personal meeting or Bible Study.

The WELS Lutheran Military Support Group (LMSG) broadcasts on "Time of Grace" on the Armed Forces Network (starting November 2016).  It also maintains a list of WELS service members (and service members interested in WELS) and mails care packages.  Over 250 congregations provide support to LMSG.  Learn more about WELS Military Services, a part of WELS Special Ministries, at Discover more about the Lutheran Military Support Group at

Referrals for Pastoral outreach to those in the military (or with other special barriers worshiping) can be made at the Wels Referral Form.

Upcoming Activities:  An "Ammo Can" Offering for Programs to provide support and God's message to those in the Military is planned for May each year.
  Look for the cans at church.  May 27, 2018 will be the next Ammo Can offering. Look for the can by the coffee pot in the back of the church.  Valley View continues to look for opportunities to serve veterans and members of the military.

Past activities include:


"It's Alzheimer's - It's Time for Extraordinary Love".  Brain injuries and dementia can challenge military families in many ways.

An "Ammo Can" Offering for Programs to provide support and God's message to those in the Military, May 29, 2016 and on May 21 and 28, 2017.