Bible Study

  Bible Study  
Every Sunday, 11:30 am - 12:15 pm.  Each week (Sundays after church) we spend 45-minutes digging a little deeper into the Word.  This is a great time to ask questions and interact with fellow believers.  Join us!  
Past Topics:
​Online Bible study led by Pastor Eric Roecker,  “To the Ends of the Earth.”  4 weeks starting November 7, 2018.  Also at: welsnet/interactivefaith.

Online Bible study led by Pastor Dan Habben,  “Isaiah: God confronts and comforts his people.”  5 weeks starting January 12, 2018, 11am - noon.  Also at: welsnet/interactivefaith.

Luther's Contributions:  October 5th through November 9, 2017 (1-2 pm) on Thursdays.  This was an online Bible Study at Valley View delivered from Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary Professor Joel Otto.  It covered Martin Luther's contributions to church and society.

Reformation 500:  For Resources on Reformation 550, Martin Luther's theology and the 500th aniversary celebration, Go to: 500. It helps answer questions like:  Who was Luther?  Why did the Church need a Reformation?  And what does "saved by grace alone" mean?

Bible Information Class - a study that covers the basics of Christian doctrine (2017).

Online Bible Study - "Mysterious Marriage" led by Rev Randy Hunter, a Wels marriage enrishment seminar leader.  Met 4 saturdays in February 2017 from 1-2 pm.  The study looked at how the gospel gives you the power to be married and a way to show the gospel.

"What Does this Mean?  The Continuing Importance of Luther's Small Catechism."
Fall 2016 had an online Bible Study led by the Rev. John Braun of Northwestern Publishing House.  The study began with a brief history of the Small Catechism and explore its importance for Christian morals, beliefs, devotion, and practical life, concluding with its value for the next generation. Thursdays at 1:00pm for 6 weeks starting September 22nd.  Also online at